Originally created 03/07/03

What they forget

It's fascinating, even quaint, to see that some of our college students have remembered how invigorating it can be to protest something. It's also easy, and it can get you out of class for a day.

But our campus children, who think themselves quite worldly - as we did at their age - have either never learned, or have forgotten, some very important things that should have given them pause before protesting.

One of those things is what gave them the right to protest in the first place: freedom. Somehow, they never learned, or have forgotten, that freedom isn't free. When our beleaguered friends under Saddam Hussein's thumb taste freedom for the first time, they might be able to teach our college kids a thing or two about the concept.

Another thing that seems to have escaped the protesters is that their protests have been made possible by the fact that the United States has, in the most immediate instance, given Saddam Hussein the better part of a year to choose peace. He has refused.

These kids should have been protesting that. But then, protest never seems to enter the mind until one is talking about American policies and actions. It's always blame America first.

The fact is, no one in history - no one - has been given more of an opportunity to choose peace than Saddam Hussein. He's had since the end of the Gulf War in 1991. And, most recently, he's had nearly a year to ward off imminent hostilities. He has refused.

Our kids on campus also seem to forget, or to have never learned, that peace isn't the most important thing. Freedom and security are.

Protesting is easy. Being for "peace" is easy. Preserving our national security and fighting tyranny - now, that takes courage.

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