Originally created 03/06/03

It's up to you whether I give you the business

Have I been rude to you lately? If so, I was probably your customer.

Rather, I would have been your customer if you had been a better owner or employee in the store or business in which I was trying to get service.

When you gave bad service, or no service at all, did it surprise you that I was irritated, offended, upset, fed up?

Were you shocked that I let you know I was displeased or I decided another store might need my business more?

Did I catch you off guard by entering your business with the intention of buying your products or services and expecting to be waited on? If so, then why did you go into business or ask for a job there in the first place?

See that puzzled look on my face as I spin in circles in your store? That's the look of a person trying to find someone to ask a question or get directions to the item I need. That look should signal you to two things: It is business hours, and you have unlocked your front door.

Think now; what does that mean your role is?

See me standing at the back of that long, long line at the checkout? The single, solitary checkout line that is operating while the others are unstaffed? Why did you install those other registers if you weren't going to utilize them during busy times?

By the time I get to the register, my driver's license, along with my patience, may have expired.

When I finally reach the checkout and try to pay for my purchase, do I want to hear your two employees stopping every couple of seconds to talk about last night's date? (Here's a hint: No!)

Let's say I haven't even stepped out of my house yet. Was it your idea to install that automated telephone system that sends me in circles, forces me to punch 1 for this and 2 for that, and prevents me from talking with a real person? Which serves you better: to offer such a useless phone system and lose business, or to hire a human and maybe keep your customers?

Maybe I'll call somewhere else instead.

I try my best not to be rude with people. I really do. The times I transgress, though, are usually the instances I have become frustrated over incidents such as those above.

Opening your doors to the public should carry with it some notion of service with a smile, the customer is always right, and so on. When did we lose that emphasis?

I realize it's not always the owner's fault how the employees treat customers, but the boss does have the final say-so in the form of the paycheck. He should not pay for shoddy work; there is always someone else out there who needs that job and is willing to work hard for it.

Now that I've vented about the reasons I might not return to your store, I'd like to hear from you. If you are a business owner or manager or employee, tell me your main complaint about your customers.

What gets you hot under the collar as you're trying to get through another working day? What would you like your customers to do differently?

Drop me an e-mail and give your side of the story. If you're a little rude, I will understand.

Reach Glynn Moore at (706) 823-3419 or gmoore@augustachronicle.com.


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