Originally created 03/06/03

Why hasn't Sellers backed Rowland?

As the race for Aiken County sheriff is going into the home stretch, I'm still waiting for former Sheriff Howard Sellers to weigh in with his opinion or recommendation as to his successor. To the best of my knowledge, this has yet to occur.

As with any organization, corporate or governmental, the management structure is led by the manager or chairman and his heir apparent, who has been groomed to take over - either on short notice or in the normal transference of power. As you recall, Sheriff Charlie Webster of the Richmond County Sheriff's Department had been grooming now-Sheriff Ronnie Strength to be his successor. Immediately upon public notification of his retirement plans, Sheriff Webster made his recommendation known of whom he felt could best lead the Richmond County Sheriff's Department.

When Lt. Mike Hunt made his announcement to seek the office of Aiken County Sheriff, his immediate supervisor, Aiken Public Safety Director Pete Frommer, cast his support for Lt. Hunt. Also casting his support for Lt. Hunt was retired Aiken Public Safety Director Carrol Busbee. These gentlemen would not express their support if they were not absolutely sure Lt. Hunt is completely qualified for the position.

I have met with Mike Hunt personally and discussed at length the issues I feel are at the forefront of the concerns of most Aiken County residents. I find his responses to be on point, and I feel he genuinely has in his heart a desire to be the best he can be for Aiken County citizens.

I still wonder why former Sheriff Sellers has not been a supporter of interim Sheriff Rowland. Why is he not saying during this campaign that he supports and recommends citizens vote for interim Sheriff Rowland?

Think about it.

Ernie E. McFerrin, North Augusta, S.C.


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