Originally created 03/06/03

It will take all races to remove barriers

Since the powerful speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the Washington Mall in 1963, our country has made extraordinary leaps in the fields of technology and science. However, when it comes down to race relations, we still see too many issues within our society in only two colors - black and white. We spend too much time finger-pointing, blaming each other for our present and past problems, while obfuscating our own responsibilities as citizens.

To make it worse, we so-called Christians too many times are in the front of the parade, leading the pack. Someone once said that the most segregated time of the week in America is Sunday morning. Why is that? With such a diverse society, I would think we could do a better job defining our real problems and work together toward a common solution.

For our society to regain its moral compass, it will take all races and religions to take down their respective, self-imposed barriers and start communicating with each other versus at each other.

Alex L. Neupert, New Ellenton, S.C.


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