Originally created 03/06/03

Diversity is here to stay

Today diversity is getting a great deal of attention. It appears that we are acting as if we have discovered a new thing. This isn't the case. If we accept diversity as defined in the dictionary as "a state of unlikeness" or "the condition of being different," we are compelled to acknowledge its existence before our time.

The fact that no two people were created identically as to his or her identity, personality or ability validates diversity. People of the world are different; they think, behave and talk differently. They differ in culture, beliefs and personal goals. So why all the talk about diversity?

Maybe we are coming to our senses, and we now realize that it is a matter of survival for all of humanity. We can now look afresh at how we discriminate against, judge and isolate others.

Diversity affords us the opportunity to further evaluate our behavior and to modify anything that is unbecoming in the way we behave toward others who are different from us.

Diversity will not rid us of our differences; it may at best bring about a better working relationship among all people. Therefore, if we are to survive, we may as well accept it. Diversity is here to stay.

Johnny L. Hampton Sr., Augusta

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