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trivial pursuit

Do you fancy yourself the master of trivia? Well, get ready for a challenge because funtrivia.com has enough head-scratching questions to keep you entertained for the next century. There are thousands of quizzes, ranging from TV to movies to molecular biology. And you don't have to become a member to join in on the fun. So try one of the quizzes. It's more fun than actually studying. Check it out at www.funtrivia.com.

learning yoga

Don't know the difference between downward dog and warrior pose? Want to stretch and breathe your way out of the winter blahs? Then check out the Yoga Journal, an online publication that features helpful instructions on postures and loads of other interesting info about this 5,000-year-old practice. As those who've tried it know, yoga is not only a great workout, it also relaxes the mind and can solve almost any ailment, from headaches to depression. So visit www.yogajournal.com. It's free. And your body will thank you.

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