Originally created 03/04/03

Appreciate military personnel

Something I have been doing when the opportunity arises is to take time to thank our service personnel - especially our veterans.

If I see one of those black hats with the bar that shows the different service ribbons awarded and service on a battleship, aircraft carrier or a war, I will often go to the individual and shake his hand and thank him for defending our country. It always brings a smile to their faces and a tear to my eye due to the loss of my father in Vietnam.

I saw a man getting in his truck that was full of Army fatigues and a pair of shiny boots. I rolled down my window and asked him if he had gotten orders to go to the Middle East. He said he had. I said, "good luck," and that I appreciated his willingness to serve. After I left, I thought I should have told him that I would be praying for him.

The people of the United States do not know how blessed we really are to have dedicated service personnel to defend us. The dangers, the fears and the sorrows they must go through are unimaginable. Just the thought of leaving the United States scares me.

So, to all of our military service personnel, from the bottom of my heart, mind and soul, I would like each and every one of you to know that I will be praying for you and your families, and I do thank you!

James John, Hephzibah, Ga.


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