Originally created 03/03/03

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

WHERE ARE THESE Hollywood anti-war celebrities getting their military information? They say that Saddam Hussein does not have weapons of mass destruction and that he is not a threat to our country or to his neighbors. They should share this information with our government.

A RANT TO all the gas stations in Augusta who are gouging the public. Something is badly wrong when gas in North Augusta is 2 cents per gallon cheaper than in Georgia where the state gas tax is 8.5 cents per gallon cheaper than in South Carolina. Shouldn't gas be cheaper in Augusta? Why isn't it?

I WOULD LIKE to say that I thought Jesse Jackson is supposed to be a man of God. Why would he want to come down here and stir up trouble and cause someone to get killed? He needs to stay out of Augusta's business. He is supposed to be saving souls, not destroying them.

I WATCHED THE 45th Grammy awards to the bitter end, hoping it would get better. It was a freak show of celebrities, rotating fannies and attempts at comedy. The only redeeming features were the commercials, movie clips and a few performances from the recent past. The show is the pits. If this is the direction our music is moving in, heaven help us who appreciate sanity, good lyrics and great melodies.

A RAVE FOR Charles Howell's play at the Nissan (Open golf tournament). A rant for the commercials during the Nissan Open. A rave for Martha Burk. No commercials during the Masters!

LISTEN UP, Atlanta and Sonny Perdue. You've gone too far, as far as I am concerned, with your tax agenda. You will never again be elected governor of this state. And you will be lucky if you don't get run out of this state. These people in Georgia work hard for their money, and they aren't going to be taxed to death by some money-hungry person like you.

I THINK THAT President Bush should be impeached. The majority in this country don't want war, and he is bent on putting us in war.

I HAVE A rant for the "guys" who have their mothers' hair length or wear their girlfriends' jewelry, or both.

I AM THINKING about these gas prices. I think that if people bought gas only when they had to, some of these gas prices would come down.

MR. GREENBAUM, I don't like some of the present administration's ideas, either, but anything is better than what we had. This goes for state and national.

MY RANT IS that Richmond County is without a trained emergency management person at a time when we are on high alert for terrorist attacks. But, of course, this is no surprise. We have been without one since we lost the best to Columbia County.

I THINK IT is economically unacceptable to move the Augusta-Richmond County Fire Department offices into that Laney-Walker-area building. It is ridiculous. They talk about us breaking our promise; what about theirs? It has been five months. The building wasn't ready. Now it is almost time for the fire station to be built. We don't need to waste money just so they can look good. The commissioners who are holding out for it are just playing the race card again just to get votes. They don't care if they waste our tax dollars.

THIS IS A rant for Martha Burk and Jesse Jackson. I suggest that the media ignore these people for the Masters Tournament. If they don't have TV coverage or any newspaper coverage, and they are treated just like everybody else in town, maybe they will go away.

THIS IS A rant for the West Lake property owners and the filthy lake that is near Stevens Creek Road. It would be so much better if they would clean up all the trash and old bottles out of it.

I MOVED TO Augusta in 1991 for a job change, and I am so sick of this government. As soon as I can sell my house, I am leaving this town. I hope there are more people who feel the same way I do.

I NOTICED YOU haven't put anything in the paper about food preparers at fast-food restaurants not wearing hair nets and gloves while preparing food. Looks to me like the health department should enforce that.

I CAN'T BELIEVE that the state of South Carolina can't afford for the governor to live in the mansion without going out and taking donations for him.

I JUST WANT to give a rave to Glynn Moore. I too have enjoyed his column, always make sure to read it, look forward to seeing it. He just seems like a good old boy.

I THINK MARTHA BURK and Jesse Jackson should be allowed to demonstrate. They should be allowed to demonstrate in front of the adult bookstore out on Molly Pond Road, with Jesse Jackson pulling his little red wagon with his illegitimate child so people can know what a fine example he is for people to follow.

TODAY, 50 PERCENT of our active duty military are National Guard and Reserve. I thought the Guard was supposed to stay in the United States for emergencies here.

I HAVE A RANT for the editorial titled "We need a brain transplant." What is going on when an illegal immigrant can enter our country and receive two transplants, when we have 80,000 citizens on the waiting list? Then when something goes wrong, this same patient can sue a leading doctor for mistakes, but he can't sue a nurse or a lab technician for bringing the wrong transplant to him. As the saying goes, the buck stops here. Who else needs a transplant? Could it be the taxpayers?

I THINK THE Georgia flag should represent all the people of Georgia. The Confederate flag doesn't represent me. I am a black woman.

ONE OF MY children goes to Windsor Spring school. Once a teacher gets old and grumpy and hateful toward the children and the parents, I think it is time they put them out to pasture. I mean, my child hates to go to school because the teacher is so nasty. School is supposed to be educational and a little interesting. I wouldn't want to go to school, neither.

THIS IS TO the person who wrote in complaining about Bush and higher gas prices. They are forgetting about the Clinton administration and the mess he caused. As far as high gas prices go, we are in a war, and that is what happens. If Clinton had done his job, we wouldn't be in this situation.

FOR THE WOMAN who complained about the South: If she doesn't like it, she can move back to the North. She is forgetting that we are courteous, open doors for people and stop at funerals.

HAVE YOU RECEIVED your outrageous gas bill yet? Well, don't blame the gas companies. Blame your governor, Sonny Perdue, who introduced legislation to deregulate the price of natural gas. The worst is yet to come.

JUST WONDERING why the Democrats are even bothering to hold a presidential primary in South Carolina. So far, every Democratic candidate for president has denounced the Confederate flag.


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