Originally created 03/03/03

Is attack on Cheeks a coincidence?

I think it is high time someone spoke up on behalf of state Sen. Don Cheeks, R-Augusta.

I have followed the sensationalism of this story with interest. All the while, I have been thinking that there was more to the story. On Feb. 14, I was delighted to read Sen. Cheeks' guest column ("'I thought I was doing the right thing! I still think I did!"').

Sen. Cheeks' job includes a responsibility to his constituents, and I, for one, am thankful that he is a man who can be counted on to try to help someone who asks for his assistance. Many of our elected officials do forget how they obtained that office, you know.

If I were wrongly accused of a crime of any sort, I would certainly hope for and expect my elected representatives to do everything in their power to help me. I am a mother and a grandmother, and a nurse who has seen abused children. I would be one of the first to say "prosecute to the fullest" anyone guilty of child abuse or molestation. I think this is one of the most evil acts that a human being can be guilty of.

But in Sen. Cheeks' own words, he truly believed this man, Bobby Clark Brassell Jr., was innocent. Not because he was a "friend" - if you read the article, you will see that the man was someone who worked for Sen. Cheeks on and off, building cabinets.

Sen. Cheeks was doing what we elected him to do. He was working for his constituent, with the facts as he knew them. He did not just jump in blindly and try to have someone released who was guilty.

As Sen. Cheeks wrote in his column, "Is Bobby Brassell guilty? I don't know. Only he and God know the answer to that question, and Bobby Brassell will be judged accordingly." That, in itself, speaks volumes. Who are we, the public, to judge another? That is for the courts to do, with all the facts and evidence in their possession. I think that to speak out, especially in the news media, without all the facts is just plain embarrassing to the person doing the speaking!

Please join me in recognizing the truth about Sen. Cheeks, and in upholding him.

I am curious, too: Is this attack coincidental, just after the time when Sen. Cheeks has declared himself a Republican?

Gay C. Shaw, Augusta


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