Originally created 03/03/03

Man uses AOL discs to make statement

SPOKANE, Wash. -- When America Online wouldn't stop billing a man's credit card for services he wasn't getting, he didn't just get mad, he got even.

Artist Tom Dukich, 56, took aim at AOL's aggressive marketing and promises by making metal garbage can lid versions of the company's ubiquitous free promotional discs. The 21-inch discs are on display through Jan. 31 at the Spokane Art School.

"Version 7 says you get 1,025 hours for free if you use the time within 45 days of signing up," Dukich said. "There are 1,080 hours in 45 days. So to make use of their offer, you'd have to be on the Internet around the clock for 43 days."

His discs say buyers get service free for life as long as they use it in 45 days. The discs cost $76, a dollar for every year of an average person's life span.

Officials at AOL headquarters did not return telephone messages seeking comment.


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