Originally created 02/26/03

Members of governor's reserve unit called up

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- About 15 reservists from Gov. Mark Sanford's Air Force Reserve unit have been called to active duty, a reserve spokesman said. Sanford was not among them.

Those called up were mostly flight nurses and medical technicians from the 315th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron. They were ordered to active duty Monday, said reserve spokesman Lt. Col. Chris King.

The squadron has about 120 members, King said, adding that he knows of no plans to call up the governor.

Sanford is a first lieutenant and a medical administration officer in the Air Force Reserve. However, he has not received the training he would need to be rated as fully qualified for the position.

Sanford has said he would follow any mobilization orders to meet his military obligations.

The recalled reservists include flight crews consisting of flight nurses and medical technicians as well as a support unit. King said the support unit includes a medical service corps officer, a nurse, medical technicians and administration specialists.

Flight nurses and technicians fly as crew members on medical evacuation flights that carry the sick or wounded from war zones to military hospitals.


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