Originally created 02/26/03

Suggestion for ending flag woes

In order to avoid a lot of heated arguments on both sides of the flag issue and a certain boycott by many of our citizens, which would badly hurt our already ailing economy, I suggest the following changes for our state flag:

Return to the pre-1956 flag. It served us well from 1905-1956.

I would make one change on it. Instead of red and white horizontal stripes, I would have horizontal red, white and blue stripes.

The flag would then have the state seal on a blue field as it now is with red, white and blue horizontal stripes.

While the state flag is an important issue, there are other pressing issues such as education, ethics in government, crime and the list could go on to other things that more urgently need our time and attention.

Ollie W. Carter, Wadley, Ga.

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