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Creative lyrics will win $50 for writers

It's almost a guarantee that Avril Lavigne wasn't thinking about a country boy when she penned her hit, Skater Boi. But Jessica Beall and Christen Carroll, eighth-graders at Riverside Middle School, had other ideas.

"Back in the beginning of the year when the song was really popular, we like memorized all the words," Christen said. "But then we just kind of got bored with it and came up with this."

The song was originally shorter than the final version but after a few notes passed between the friends in history class, more verses were added.

"It didn't take us that long," she said. "We like doing things like that anyway."

Their song parody is one of five entries in Xtreme's Funny Lyrics Contest. You get to pick the winning song lyrics, which will receive $50 for its authors. We've done the dirty work and pared the field down to two.

The other finalist entry is by Josiah Carr and Dallas Duncan, both 13.

They came up with the theme for their song Through the Red Light to the tune of Mariah Carey's Through the Rain by accident.

"A couple of weeks ago, Josiah and I were riding through the Target center's red light," Dallas said. "(He) was complaining about how long the light was and if he could only make it through the light we would be at our destination on time. So, since both of us had been singing the song earlier, it sort of stuck."

Even though Josiah is an experienced musician, the process of writing the alternative lyrics wasn't easy.

"It took us a couple of hours to write this particular song, mainly because we kept getting stuck on what to say," he said.


Mocking beautiful music


Who is the best teen songwriter? Read the lyrics and call Infoline at 442-4444 and vote on your favorite by using the codes next to each song title. You can also vote online. The winner of the contest will receive $50. Voting will end at 5 p.m. Friday, and we'll publish the results in the March 4 Xtreme.

CODE 4912 - Farmer Boi (to the tune of Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne)

Written by Christen Carroll and Jessica Beall, Riverside Middle School eighth-graders

He was a hick

She was a cowgirl

Can I make it any more obvious?

He was a farmer

She did roping

What more can I say?

He wanted her

She'd never tell, secretly she wanted him as well

But all of the gals braided their hair

They had a problem with his cowboy hat

He was a farmer boi

She said see ya later boi

He wasn't plaid enough for her

She had a freckley face

Her pigtails were up in space

She needed to come back to the barn

Five years from now

She sits on straw

Feeding the cows she's all alone

She turns on the telly

Guess who she sees?

Farmer boi cooking pigs on HGTV

She calls all the gals

They already know

They all have tickets to see his cooking show

She tags along

Stands in the crowd

Looks up at the hick that she turned down

He was a farmer boi

She said see you later boi

He wasn't plaid enough for her

Now he's a country star

Roastin' and grillin' pork

Does your freckley face see what he's worth?

(repeat once)

Sorry gal but you missed out

Well tough luck that boi's mine now

We are more than just good pals

This is how the story ends

Too bad you couldn't see

See the man that hick could be

There is more than meets the eye

I see the soul that is inside

He's just a hick

And I'm a cowgirl

Can I make it any more obvious?

We are in love

Haven't you heard

How we yodel each other's world?

I'm with the farmer boi

I said see you later boi

I'll be back stage after the show

I'll be at the studio

Cooking the recipe we wrote

About a pig you used to know

(repeat once)

CODE 4915 - Through the Red Light (to the tune of Through the Rain by Mariah Carey)

Written by Josiah Carr, seventh-grader, home-schooled, and Dallas Duncan, eighth-grader, Greenbrier Middle School

When you get caught in traffic

With nowhere to drive

When you become really spastic

Cuz it's already five

Your family waits at home

And you cry out in rage

As you sit there alone

Then your wife sends you a page

She says it's just you're middle age

It'll be OK

Then you say


I can make it through the red light

I can drive on once again

On my own and I know

That I can go around the bend

And every time I feel anger

I hold tighter to my wheel

About to cause some danger

But I made it through the red light

And if you're in a wreck I cause

Don't you dare scream

You will be safe and sound

While I press on steadfastly

And you'll get the help you need

If you listen

To what I've got to say

repeat chorus

And when the wind blows

And cars go off the road

Hitting the trees

And all you'll see are stars

Should the meds tell you

You'll never make it through

Be like me

Stumble and say

I have made it through the red light

I have driven all I can

On my own and I know

That I've been around the bend

And every time I feel anger

I still hold tighter to my wheel

No longer causing danger

Cuz I made it through the red light

I can make it through the red light

And drive on once again

I am proud to know that

I can make it through the red light

Oh yes, I can

I'm gonna make it through the

Red light


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