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Lack of respect is shown for many liberated women

Is chivalry dead?

Many centuries have passed since knights in shining armor were the norm. In today's society, women are expected to keep up with the pace of men in the work place and the home.

Since the beginning of time, women have been calling for liberation from men and the confining restraints of home and raising children. Long gone are the June Cleavers; women today simply don't have time to vacuum the house and have dinner ready, all while wearing pearls and pumps.

Yet this question has to be asked: Has this liberation caused the end of respect for women from their male counterparts? The number of men who still hold open doors for ladies or stand up whenever a woman enters the room are few. In rap songs, rappers often refer to women in derogatory terms. I can't imagine a young Victorian gentleman, or even a man my grandfather's age calling a woman such names.

I'm not suggesting that we should turn back time to when all women did was stay home, barefoot and pregnant. Women are entitled to successes of various means throughout their lives, whether at home or outside. I only wish some men would have manners once in a while.

I do seem to be the only one who thinks this way sometimes. Some of my friends claim they would be insulted if a man held open a door for them. They feel as if they can do things themselves and not have to depend on a man.

I feel the opposite. Whenever a guy holds open a door for me, I can instantly tell that he has been raised with respect and manners.

Ladies, would you rather have a guy who sits around all day and yells at you to fix him some more tomato sandwiches or one who can treat you with respect?

This is not to say there are no good men out there. Quite the contrary - there is a wonderful supply of men who treat women with respect and show it every day. Many of my male friends have said it is totally unacceptable to even think of hitting a woman, and many refrain from cursing around women. I am not ragging on these types of guys. They are to be commended.

As for the other half, whenever you see a woman approaching you, hold open the door for her. She will most likely thank you immensely - and who knows, it just may get you a date.

Teen Board member Abby Oakley, 17, is a junior at Lakeside High School.

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