Originally created 02/25/03

Diversity through quotas is artificial

I have to take exception with Bernard Clark's letter to the editor, "Diversity a weakness? Look again," in the Feb. 13 edition of The Chronicle in which he called Lon Purvis a racist for his Feb. 2 letter, "Diversity creates weakness."

I have known Mr. Purvis for many years and can assure you that he is no racist. I wonder if Mr. Clark actually read the letter, or just saw the title and let off a knee-jerk response. In his letter, Mr. Purvis stated that the NFL and NBA don't seek diversity and that if they did, the quality of play would go down. Exactly how is that a racist statement? NBA and NFL teams seek the best players, regardless of race, creed or ethnic origin. I don't see too many Hispanic players in either league. Don't see any women either. Hispanics now outnumber African-Americans in this country. Do you think they ought to sue for equal representation in the NFL and NBA?

This country was made great by the principles it was founded on and the protections, under law, found in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence - not by some artificial seeking of diversity through racial quotas. The United States became a place that people came to from all over the world to build a new life. The history of immigration in this country is of people who shed their former national identities to become Americans. They changed their names, their languages and their styles of dress to become Americans. It was this unity that made us great, not some government-mandated program seeking diversity.

Today, we have a situation where people come to America and maintain their national identities, languages and cultures. Many immigrants no longer want to be Americans. All they want is to come here and leech off of our resources. Get an education. Make some money. Then go back home and protest against us, or come back with a bomb.

The Rev. Frank Garner, Augusta


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