Originally created 02/25/03

Don't blame George W. Bush for Clinton's mistakes

In response to Andy Reese's letter on Feb. 7, "Feels forced to support war with Iraq as 'lesser of evils,"' a few thoughts:

First, obviously a Clinton pundit, Mr. Reese is misguided in his thoughts on President George W. Bush. After the last eight years of CIA mismanagement, during which time former President Bill Clinton discouraged everyone below station chief in that organization to look the other way, it is not surprising that we suffered the World Trade Center tragedy.

Mr. Reese also seems to have conveniently forgotten the previous WTC bombing, as well as the USS Cole and embassy bombings in Africa, which occurred on Mr. Clinton's watch and led to our current al-Qaida situation. We are currently reaping the whirlwind for a completely inept, corrupt previous administration.

President Bush inherited a CIA that was changed into a political system designed to not anger or offend anyone and to raise as much money for that political system as possible, as evidenced by the selling of sleep-overs in the Lincoln Bedroom as well as the whole Al Gore fund-raising debacle. The fact that President Bush has reversed decisions made by the Clinton administration is a good thing, since Mr. Clinton cared nothing for the sovereignty of our nation.

Also, the fact that France and Germany disagree with our president doesn't disturb me or others with our country's best interests at heart in the least.

Finally, the fact that Mr. Reese believes President Bush is a cowboy without a realistic foreign policy is laughable. President Bush has shown leadership that does not rely on what the United Nations or others think because the threat is greatest for us, as the leaders of those countries that agree with us fully understand. It is not France or Germany that is considered "the great Satan" by the majority of the Muslim world, but us. I would think that after Sept. 11, everyone would understand that.

Gary Slater, Appling, Ga.


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