Originally created 02/25/03

Peaceful protests not possible

I had to smile at Jason Jarrard's letter about public protest (Feb. 13, "Putting protest in perspective.") He apparently has never protested in Georgia before.

Last December, I protested a local business. Six days later, I found myself in Columbia County Magistrate Court, agreeing to a good neighbor conduct order in lieu of criminal trespass charges. It was made very clear to me that the right of way on Belair Road is for utility workers, not for public protest. I was encouraged to find another way, other than peaceful picketing, to show my moral opposition to her business practices.

Mr. Jarrard should think twice about making statements that Americans are allowed to gather and protest. His comment that a peaceful protest, being done in a reasonable way, should pose no problem has not been my experience at all.

Many men died in service to this country for me to have the right to peaceably protest. Part of that died Dec. 11 in the courtroom in Columbia County. Let's see what happens in Richmond County.

When a Christian father of three cannot quietly picket a morally offensive business, I can only imagine what will happen to a well-known, well-funded, very vocal, heavily publicized woman.

It says a lot about our society when we get more involved in a golf club membership than we do the moral and spiritual decay of our neighborhoods.

Dennis M. Gruba, Martinez, Ga.


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