Originally created 02/25/03

Know who the real enemy is

It was very saddening to read the article in the Feb. 6 paper, "Youth minister charged in fight." While the church's job is to draw people to Jesus so that they might come to understand their purpose in life, we have to keep in mind that Jesus is perfect and people are imperfect.

The church has an invisible adversary (Satan), who is the master of deception. After reading the article, it appears that the adversary successfully deceived people in the church to believe that other people were the adversaries instead of himself.

Though some in the church were deceived that time, the church must resolve that we will not fall for this trick of the adversary again. If someone offends us, Jesus tells us that we must forgive him or her. If we offend someone else, Jesus tells us that we must seek his or her forgiveness.

I am praying for those in the church, as well as those who were formerly in the church, that they both might come to a realization of who the real enemy is and unite against him instead of allowing him to cause such strife and division. This saddens Jesus, as well as those who are wise enough to know the tactics of the enemy and how he loves to try to divide and conquer.

I wonder if I can get others to join with me in praying for these people and sincerely offering our services to help bring about reconciliation.

Jasper Green, Belvedere, S.C.


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