Originally created 02/24/03

Johnson has given NCWO its head

Hootie Johnson, chairman of the Augusta National Golf Club, utterly gave in to Martha Burk, chairwoman of the National Council on Women's Organizations, and all her ilk - especially the media - when he had the simple-mindedness to even make one statement about her rantings.

Some of the statements he made indicated to me that he would completely capitulate to her and her herd of followers. If he had kept his big mouth shut and forced the members of the golf club to do likewise, the subject would have died a natural death. So much for his leadership.

She has made so many mindless statements, it appears she has become dizzy running in her small circles - like a thoughtless dog chasing her own tail. As to her statements about what women and men discuss when in the company of like-minded friends, I must say this: She is now stumbling around in her own self-generated fog.

James R. Waid, Leah, Ga.


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