Originally created 02/23/03

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS A RANT to all the people complaining about Michael Jackson and his plastic surgery. The only difference from him and Pinocchio is when Pinocchio told a lie his nose got longer; when Michael Jackson tells a lie his nose gets smaller.

THIS IS A RANT for anyone who wants to stop people from using cell phones while they drive. What's next? Are you going to stop fast food joints too? Eating while driving is just as dangerous as driving while dialing.

DON'T BLAME ME for George W. Bush's gasoline ripoffs. I voted Democrat.

I AM WATCHING with interest these war demonstrators around the world. How many of these people's fathers, mothers, aunts and uncles may have lost their lives in the '40s when we liberated France? The American uniform doesn't mean anything anymore.

THIS IS IN REGARDS to Champ Walker. What right do you have to bring in Jesse Jackson and Martha Burk into the business of Augusta?

HEY, HERE'S AN idea. Let's print DUI offenders' pictures in the newspapers and lock them up, but let child molesters go back to their neighborhoods with probation. Let's thank God for taking care of the children, because man's law doesn't.


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