Originally created 02/23/03

Flag editorial insulting and absurd

This is in response to your editorial, "No graceful way out," printed on Feb. 14. There are several points contained therein that I would like to respond to.

First, you stated that "even voting on the old flag is offensive to many African-Americans ..." I find this statement outrageous and insulting to anyone with a shred of intelligence and common sense. The right of the people to vote is one of the most basic pillars that support our democracy. To say that even the act of voting is offensive is ludicrous and inclines people to think that "most African-Americans" need to be less sensitive and a little more tolerant - a concept that most people in our society wholeheartedly embrace.

Second, your comparison of the Confederate battle flag to the Nazi flag is utterly absurd in every conceivable way. Adolf Hitler's Third Reich attempted to conquer and rule the globe, extinguish an entire race of people and create a master race comprised of pure Aryan blood. The Confederacy, on the other hand, never sought any of these objectives. They wished only to secede from the Union, a right granted them by our Founding Fathers in the U.S. Constitution.

Does the editorial staff of The Augusta Chronicle actually believe that voting is offensive and the Confederacy of the old South equates to Nazi Germany? Apparently so. Perhaps the editorial staff needs to refrain from pledging blind allegiance to the ideologies of political correctness and historical revisionism - and take some classes on democracy and American history.

Justin Steele, Martinez, Ga.


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