Originally created 02/23/03

Comparison to King Solomon blasphemous

The Feb. 14 editorial, "No graceful way out," which compared Gov. Sonny Perdue to King Solomon but then blasphemously belittled Solomon's God-inspired wisdom, is a good example of why many Southerners equate attacks against Confederate symbols (namely the "Southern Cross") with attacks against the South's Bible-belt heritage.

After whaling away at Gov. Perdue's suggested Georgia state flag referendum, the editorial's author shockingly ended this politically correct diatribe by stating that "King Solomon managed to squirm out of his dilemma without any cutting. But it's difficult to see how Gov. Perdue can get out of his conundrum without some bleeding on somebody's part."

Of course the editorial's author was referring to the Bible story of King Solomon's judgment regarding two women who were both claiming to be the mother of one particular child (I Kings, Chapter 3, verses 16-28).

Needless to say, my Bible says nothing of King Solomon having "squirmed," regarding this case. Quite to the contrary, God's word reads, "And all Israel heard of the judgment which the King had judged; and they feared the king: for they saw that the wisdom of God was with him, to do judgment."

Regardless of the author's true intent with this unwise comparison and loose vernacular, let me say this regarding a Georgia state flag referendum: It is my opinion that if and when Georgians are finally given the opportunity to have a say in this flag flap, they (black and white, native and transplant) will overwhelmingly choose that very cross of which they were robbed.

Isn't that what the left-wing, propagandist media are so afraid of?

P.K. Fitzgerald, Harlem, Ga.

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