Originally created 02/20/03

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS TO ALL the different churches. Why aren't you speaking up more against the war with Iraq? What do you think Jesus would do? Are the lives of Iraqi children worth less than the lives of American children?

MY FAMILY AND I moved to Augusta 18 months ago when the military forced us to relocate here. It has become clear that the majority of people in the area and throughout the South are the laziest group of workers in the United States. Finding good service - whether at a restaurant, retail store or anywhere else - is almost impossible. This is due in part to education (Georgia ranks 50th in the nation), culture (Southern hospitality equals laziness) and the fact that most Southerners have a chip on their shoulder about that war they lost. As the saying goes, "Ignorance is bliss." We can't wait to leave.

MY CHILDREN COME home hungry after school in Richmond County, too. Do you know why? They start feeding them at 10:30 in the morning. Of course they are starved by 3:30 when they get home.

INSTEAD OF executing the dog, why don't you send the owner to jail for 30 days? It's not the dog's fault. Look at the owner first. Or is that too simple an answer?

TO THE MILITARY family who remarked about their experience with the Evans High School guidance office, I thought you were describing my daughter's counselor. But then I noticed "Ms." Don't take it personally, they are all like that - putting in an eight-hour day.

HEY, HERE'S AN idea. Let's print DUI offenders' pictures in the newspapers and lock them up, but let child molesters go back to their neighborhoods with probation. Let's thank God for taking care of the children, because man's law doesn't.

THIS IS A RAVE for the Confederate flag. A lot of brave people died under that flag. It is not a symbol of hate, people. You all need to study your history. History is already made, not made up. If you don't like our heritage, move somewhere else!

HOW SAD THAT the people of Lincoln County who have lived here for generations cannot afford to stay. Our commissioners and the state-paid people have all worked hard and cut budgets to the lowest possible. We didn't know that the school board and superintendent would be above any cuts. They simply passed all raises on to the poor people. How could an elected board, put in place by the people, allow supplements to get so out of hand? When a person thinks he deserves $40,000 above and beyond his state-paid salary just to stay here, I say let him go find another job. When one of the poorest counties pays the 15th highest salaries out of 159 counties, someone is not doing their job as a representative for the people.


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