Originally created 02/20/03

I.D. tags can help save your pet's life

Since February of 1981, I have been going on WRDW Channel 12's Midday for the Augusta Humane Society and, later, Richmond County Animal Control. I often give a pet tip each week, urging pet owners to have proper food, water and shelter, as well as have pets spayed or neutered to help control the pet population. Also, it is very important to have I.D. and rabies tags on cats and dogs whether they are kept inside or out.

It makes me cringe to see all the lost and found pet ads in the newspaper. A few days ago, I went through the agony of having a lost pet. Sarah, a stray Beagle, wandered into our neighborhood several months ago. She had six puppies under my neighbor's house. All the puppies have been adopted. I then took Sarah to the SPCA in Aiken for spaying, rabies shot, a seven-in-one shot and heartworm check. However, there is a problem with Sarah. She climbs our fence.

On Feb. 7, she still had a leash on when she climbed the fence. For two days, I did not see her. On Feb. 9, neighbors several blocks away heard a dog squealing and barking in the woods near their house. They made an emergency call to the Aiken County Animal Shelter. Officer Billy Ricks found Sarah tangled up in her leash in the woods.

Thanks to the neighbors and Officer Ricks, Sarah is safely home again. Sarah was well-identified with rabies and I.D. tags, which helped in her speedy return to us. What heartbreak could be avoided if folks would have I.D. tags on their pets. The life you save could be your pet's.

Anne Sawyer, North Augusta, S.C.


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