Originally created 02/20/03

Prudent advice worth taking - not!

Let's follow the prudent advice of our friends in the U.S. Senate and House, and the French, Russians and Germans who want us to give Iraqi President Saddam Hussein yet another chance to disarm and destroy his weapons of mass destruction.

He has only agreed in writing to do so, so the coalition forces would stop short of total victory to end the Gulf War. And never mind the last 16 U.N. resolutions that called for Iraq to disarm. Why not another chance? It's like rearing children; every good parent knows that you never, ever require a child to keep his word or to enforce any correction.

And lest we forget to disclose, let's not ever do anything to impinge on Iraq's No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 trading partners (France, Russia and Germany). Why that would be unilateral, which is evil, as opposed to multilateral U.N. resolutions where nations can follow their own interests and not be fettered with such American notions of freedom, free enterprise, freedom of, and from religion and self-defense - yes, self-defense.

Why, if 9-11 were not an attack on American values, then let's follow the prudent advice of our friends and not act until we have the officially documented toll of an al-Qaida attack on American population centers using chemical, biological and/or atomic weapons (dirty bombs) developed and supplied by Iraq ...

Mac Smith, Augusta


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