Originally created 02/20/03

DOT needs to address railroad crossing

There's a very dangerous railroad crossing on Lewis Road. One man was killed there two years ago. A school bus crosses two times a day and another Richmond County school bus picks up my grandchild and another child every day right at the dangerous crossing. These children just turned 7 years old.

When the train is coming from Grovetown, it blows its horn, but it is at the crossing in 10 seconds. I sit in my home every day and see people just about get hit by these trains, including myself. Why they won't put a bar or lights out here, I don't know. The Georgia Department of Transportation came in June and surveyed, and they said they were going to put a bar across it. That was eight months ago. What are they waiting on?

The Columbia County bus that comes across the track at 7 a.m. has very small children on it. I really think the DOT needs to be doing something, because I don't want to see anything happen to these kids - or my grandchild. ... I know it's not CSX's fault; it is the DOT's fault. ...

Carol Odom, Augusta


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