Originally created 02/19/03

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

MY RAVE IS for the jail workers who put in a complaint. Thank you for putting that in the newspaper. I am an employee at Aiken County Detention Center. The policy and procedure are not even there. We get written up for everything.

TO THE PERSON who said if you didn't play the lottery, you could send your child to college: My parents don't play the lottery, but without the HOPE scholarship, I and my two sisters would not have been able to go to college. We are grateful for that.

THIS IS TO the person or persons stealing in Avery Landing in Martinez. If we catch you in our yard, we will call the police. It is a shame you have to steal to get what you want. But remember, what comes around goes around. Someone may steal from you; it may not be something as petty as a yard ornament. I want these idiots to know we are on to them. Thanks.

A BIG RAVE for the wonderful job Mrs. McGough and the students are doing with the Camelot Kids Program at Evans High School. My preschool daughter is in a wonderful learning environment and totally loves the program. I highly recommend this preschool program to any parent.

IF YOU ARE too lazy to move your garbage container off the street, get your half-grown kids to do it.

IT'S ABOUT TIME someone ranted about the guidance office at Evans High School. I'm a student at EHS, and I have experienced the negative attitudes of the guidance office. The principal should be getting rid of bad counselors instead of good coaches.

MY FAMILY AND I moved to Augusta 18 months ago when the military forced us to relocate here. It has become clear that the majority of people in the area and throughout the South are the laziest group of workers in the United States. Finding good service - whether at a restaurant, retail store or anywhere else - is almost impossible. This is due in part to education (Georgia ranks 50th in the nation), culture (Southern hospitality equals laziness), and the fact that most Southerners have a chip on their shoulder about that war they lost. As the saying goes, "Ignorance is bliss." We can't wait to leave.

THIS IS A rave for all of the Signal Officer Basic Course and Advanced Individual Training soldiers who helped move the Habitat for Humanity business offices into their new location on Walton Way. We are so blessed to have these soldiers serving our country and our community.


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