Originally created 02/19/03

Supports George W. Bush'sefforts to keep this nation free

If Robert A. Daniels' (Jan. 20 letter, "Augusta's common problem: mayor's poor leadership") can do a better job than Mayor Bob Young, why didn't he run for mayor? Unemployment is caused by former President Lyndon Johnson, who changed the immigration law so that any idiot could enter this country without a security clearance, without a skill required in this country or any knowledge of the English language, opening the door to terrorists and causing 9-11.

Former President Bill Clinton sold us out to the Chinese, and now we are importing inferior goods while American workers are laid off and unskilled immigrants are taking their places in the work force.

Deregulation of the natural gas industry caused the havoc with high prices and SCANA sure did their job...

And may I suggest that Mr. Daniels talk to Mayor Young before he writes another letter. Mr. Young's hands are virtually tied behind his back by the commissioners.

Another letter by Larry Jarrett on Jan. 22, "Saddam will call president's bluff," needs some response. Like Pearl Harbor, 9-11 was an attack on the United States and President George W. Bush responded like any president should. Mr. Clinton ignored all other attacks, giving the terrorists free reign to perform more attacks on the United States.

From the history of World War II, we have learned that any nation arming itself is up to no good. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is up to no good and he has to be stopped before more Americans are slaughtered.

I am proud to have a president like George W. Bush, who let the whole world know, "Don't monkey with America, or you're going to be sorry." Therefore, we should support his efforts, Republicans and Democrats alike, to keep this country free and safe for all Americans now and forever.

I don't like war any more than any other American. Let me suggest that we, as a nation, pray that the Iraqi problem can and will be solved peacefully.

Robert B. Heynneman, Augusta


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