Originally created 02/19/03

Opinions of stars are worthless

On politics, I must say I continue to be both amazed and amused at the amount of press coverage being given to the opinions expressed by various "stars" from the Hollywood elite: Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, Robert Redford, Barbra Streisand, Martin Sheen and others. For goodness sake, these people are children - actors! Their world is make-believe. Why in the world would anyone give credence to the ga-ga, far-left rantings of such a bunch of squirrels?

On Iraq and Europe, I believe nations act in their own interests. The frustrating intransigence of France and Germany vis-a-vis Iraq has nothing to do with their "skepticism" about "proof." It is about oil - Middle Eastern oil - and what it means to France and Germany. They depend much more heavily on oil from the Middle East than do we in the United States.

I believe France and Germany fear a war in that region would disrupt their oil supply and wreck their somewhat fragile economies. These countries will tolerate an occasional bombing of a nightclub and such in exchange for an uninterrupted flow of oil. Their "principled" demand for "more proof" is a sham. Why doesn't the press say so?

Karl Bankert, Augusta


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