Originally created 02/04/03

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

WITH ALL THE wrecks, the DUIs and the people getting killed and now the cranes turning over in South Carolina, I think someone must have put a hex on South Carolina.

I HAVE A rant about the Jamestown Elementary School pupil who took the handgun to school. They should put his parents in jail also if they are going to put him in YDC. I have guns in my house, but if my children were ever to mess with them they wouldn't need a YDC.

I HAVE A rant for the veteran who stated that Republicans think the only way to build up the economy is to go to war. If I am ever ignorant enough to make a statement like that, I would immediately head for the hills and find a cave to hide in. The United States has been forced to maintain a strong defense system with expertly trained personnel because of tyrants like Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Saddam Hussein and others. I am grateful that President Bush has the intestinal fortitude to use our armed forces to challenge today's terrorists such as Saddam.

THIS IS A response for the person who wrote in about teacher supervision on the playground. I have a question for you: Where are the parents when your kid is failing and disrupting class? It seems these parents have a hands-off policy, too.

WHY DO THE people of Augusta wait until they are already in the turn lane to put their signals on? Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose by then? We already know that you made a left or a right at that point.

THE REASON THERE is a flu epidemic in Columbia County middle schools is that children aren't allowed to wash their hands before they go to lunch.

THIS IS A rant for the person who said that smokers should be locked in a closet with their smoke. How about the people who drink and then get out on the streets and kill people? He didn't say anything about those.

THIS IS A rant for all the idiotic politicians in Georgia who want to raise taxes on cigarettes. I am a nonsmoker, but if they want to raise the taxes, they will just create criminal activity like there was during Prohibition.

THIS IS A rave for a person who wrote a rant to the Richmond County police for taking the man home who was drunk. If they hadn't have taken him home maybe some innocent people on the road would be dead today. Food for thought.

THIS IS A rave for the person in south Augusta complaining about the lunches. I am an employee of the Richmond County Board of Education School Nutrition Department. Try coming to my workplace and serving 300 to 400, maybe 500, ungrateful kids.

THIS IS A rant for the person who wrote about the prisoner and the hockey game. Someone should beat them on the principle of stupidity.

LAST THURSDAY THERE was an accident on Tobacco Road. A woman got out of her vehicle and jumped up and down, hollering, "I am going to get paid!" The next thing you know, she is in the hospital with a neck brace. That is the reason our insurance rates are so high and medical malpractice is so high.

PEOPLE WHO CAN afford to have three or four cell phones don't need to be on welfare, and I see them all the time paying with food stamps. That is where our money is going, and our government shouldn't support these people.


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