Originally created 02/04/03

France only uses, doesn't contribute

French politicians and media across the political spectrum have hit back angrily at U.S. criticism (Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld) that France belonged to "old Europe" and was isolated in its opposition to war with Iraq. I believe Mr. Rumsfeld was way too kind to France.

The United States had to bail them out during World War I, World War II and Vietnam. And, let us not forget France withdrawing from NATO during the 1960s, where all the other NATO countries had to protect France once more while they contributed nothing to the Cold War.

It is good that France does not want anything to do with Iraq, otherwise we would simply need to bail them out once again. Is France a meaningful country? When was the last time we saw products labeled "Made in France"? They are simply users, not contributors. Not worth bothering about.

Thomas D. Kohli, Augusta


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