Originally created 02/04/03

A plea for women considering abortion

This is a letter from a mother to all young women who are pregnant and considering whether to have their babies or have abortions.

We have debated these choices for many years, and there still is no solution to the problem as a society. What I want to suggest to these women is adoption as an alternative. There are many couples who have despaired about having children for many reasons. These people would love a child and care for it, because they want to be parents.

Before these young women make the decision to have abortions, they should think of all these potential parents for their children. They shouldn't let people talk them into aborting their children. Consider all the alternatives; talk to adoption agencies, find people who have adopted a child and children who have been adopted before they make that final decision.

They should give their children a chance to be born, to grow into productive human beings, who have been loved by parents who care. My sincere belief is that their lives be blessed by giving their children life, and they will have peace knowing those children are wanted and cared for.

Elaine J. Swain, Thomson, Ga.

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