Originally created 02/04/03

Prohibit smoking at restaurants

This is directed to both smokers and restaurant owners who let them smoke inside of the building. As non-smokers, my family and I are the ones who are treated as second-class citizens, having to wait longer for non-smoking tables or booths and still have our meal ruined by some inconsiderate jerk who can't stop killing himself long enough to eat.

Smelling and breathing drifting smoke into a non-smoking area from an unsealed smoking area - I get so tired of this.

Restaurant owners shouldn't be allowed to have smoking inside of the building unless it is done inside a sealed and separate area.

I agree that smokers have the right to smoke and kill themselves, but we non-smokers have the right not to smoke. And having an unsealed smoking area inside a restaurant where the smoke can drift into a non-smoking area where a non-smoker has his meal ruined is like having a non-urinating area in a swimming pool; it just doesn't work.

I wish people who smoke would be considerate enough to smoke only on the outside of the building, or that the owners would have the moxie not to allow smoking on the inside. Let's face it: Smoking is unhealthy, nasty, smelly and offensive.

I wish it could be banned inside all public buildings. I know I am going to do my part by contacting my congressman and any non-smoking coalition I can find. If anyone else shares my feelings, I urge you to do the same.

Michael Smith, North Augusta, S.C.

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