Originally created 02/03/03

Kolb responded well to reprimand, lack of courtesy

I was very pleased to see that Augusta Administrator George Kolb responded to his reprimand from the city commissioners. I was somewhat disenchanted at how the entire incident played out.

Our administrator was not given common courtesy and due process as all employees should receive. It does not matter what his salary or position is, he is still our employee. I can agree that he may have handled the cross-county ambulance dispute contrary to what should have been expected, yet he was not given a clear method of approach from the commission.

Frankly, this should have been a matter that the commission took charge of or monitored tightly because of interceding across county lines. Instead, they chose for Mr. Kolb to handle it at his own discretion.

I find no violation of city policy - only misjudgment that we are all prone to.

Secondly, I concur that he must move on commission's requests in a timely manner such as the evaluation Commissioner Marion Williams requested. However, the means of delivery was three-tiered and final delivery was via e-mail. This is not always reliable and sometimes can be overlooked, depending on the subject line, and it should have been followed up on with a definitive means of confirmation.

I am pleased that Commissioner Andy Cheek stepped forward and acknowledged the commission's error in handling the situation by not seeking other options first, such as a verbal warning.

Charlie Hannah, Augusta


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