Originally created 02/03/03

Change state flag to be inoffensive

Regarding your editorial on Jan. 16, "A new day - or not?" I think the Georgia state flag should be changed in such a way as to not offend anyone. It was changed in 1956 as a means of protest against integrating the schools, and that was wrong.

I am a white person, an American by birth and a Southerner by the grace of God, and I do not want to forget about my heritage.

I have the genealogy of my forefathers. Many were born in the Confederate States of America, and many died in battle during the Civil War. To deny this right of honoring our heritage would be just as wrong as adding the Stars and Bars to the flag in 1956.

When the CSA was founded, the new country adopted its own flag. It was a simple flag with three stripes: a red stripe at the top and bottom and a white stripe in the center.

In the upper left corner there was a blue circle with a star for each state in the CSA. This flag should not offend anyone. Or, I would not object to going back to the flag that preceded the 1956 flag.

At any rate, we should change the flag that former Gov. Roy Barnes left us with. I believe that it is rated No. 1 on the ugly list.

William F. Thompson, Augusta


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