Originally created 02/03/03

Appreciates Augustans' courtesy, respect

On Jan. 21 the world stopped. It happened right here in Augusta at 4 p.m. People who obviously had places to go and important business to attend to brought their cars to a stop; construction workers halted their work.

I was awed by what I saw as I rode from the funeral home on Davis Road to Westover Cemetery where we buried my 43-year-old brother.

I live in St. Louis, Mo., and funeral processions are barely noticed, much less respected by those in other cars. Perhaps that comes with life in the big city, but I suspect that it's more than that.

Augusta has something special, and my family and I will carry memories of the unnamed people who did not know my brother, but paid their respects with Southern courtesy and compassion. Thank you, Augusta.

Pam May Stanfield, Chesterfield, Mo.


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