Originally created 02/03/03

Letter writer rewrites history for own agenda

I believe Susan K. Robertson (Jan.17, "Columnist blasted for criticism of multiculturalism") completely missed the point of Walter Williams' column on Jan. 1, "Tax dollars feed cancer of multiculturalism."

I, for one, do not believe Mr. Williams is the one with a very distorted view of the task of educators; that distinction belongs to Ms. Robertson and her ilk. If she reads his biography, I'm sure she will find he is much more qualified in this area, as well as others, than she is.

Ms. Robertson states, "It is important for students to learn about the consequences of ignorance and racist beliefs. We need to have understanding and empathy about how differences between people affect their opportunities and development. This understanding will allow us to preserve the 'inalienable rights' that form the basis of American society." What is being taught today destroys the very inalienable rights that Ms. Robertson refers to in her letter.

She wants to rewrite history so it only fits the left-wing politically correct view. One example of this is that Christian students today are not allowed to discuss Christianity, pray in public or form organizations that require you to believe in God. However, they must study every other culture and embrace the beliefs with open arms.

Jerry L. Campbell, Evans, Ga.


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