Originally created 02/03/03

A disgrace

U.S. District Judge William Young, in eloquently upbraiding would-be shoe bomber Richard Reid last week, refused to dignify the self-styled, sad-sack soldier by using the term.

"You are not a soldier in any war," the judge said. "You are a terrorist. To call you a soldier gives you far too much stature."

We agree with the judge, and salute him for his patriotic defense of the country and its justice system in the face of Reid's anti-American rhetoric.

But even calling Reid a terrorist is giving him too much of an honor. He's an idiot, a hater, a sociopath and a criminal. If he is a terrorist, he's a poor excuse for one, having been overpowered by courageous and quick-thinking flight attendants and passengers before he could ignite his shoe bomb aboard the Paris-to-Miami American Airlines flight last year.

He's also delusional if he thinks his or anyone else's God would condone killing 200 innocents for any cause, misguided or otherwise.

Our only hope is that life in a U.S. prison isn't too comfortable for this disgrace of the human race, and that he isn't allowed access to the outside world.


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