Originally created 01/26/03

Aiken preservation group too arbitrary

I am writing with regard to the Aiken Historic Preservation Commission. I believe that the goals of the commission are worthy, and I am a proponent of them.

However, over the years the commission has failed to use its expertise to help Aiken citizens solve their problems in the historic district. Rather, our commission has many times applied arbitrary opinions rather than commonsense solutions to an applicant's problem.

If the preservation of historic homes is a goal of the commissioners, then they should be concerned that homeowners are provided with solutions that are cost effective.

It appears in many instances that the commission would rather see a historic home totally lost to the city rather than allow a solution that is cost effective, but doesn't meet the extreme requirements of the commission.

I would urge the commission to re-evaluate their goals. If they continue with their totally arbitrary decisions, they will lose all credibility with the community.

Theodore J. Pearson, Aiken, S.C.


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