Originally created 01/26/03

What does 'Chronicle' call newsworthy?

It never ceases to amaze me what the news media consider newsworthy, and what is not.

I have yet to read or see on any of the local papers or cable TV networks anything about the recent statements made by U.S. Rep. Dick Gephardt, R-Mo., concerning the Confederate flag.

The Associated Press reported Jan. 14 that, "State officials took down Confederate flags at two historic sites (in Missouri) Tuesday after Democratic presidential hopeful Dick Gephardt said they shouldn't be flown anywhere."

Mr. Gephardt is quoted as saying, "My own personal feeling is that the Confederate flag no longer has a place flying any time, anywhere in our great nation." This statement was a response to questions about the Confederate battle flag that he saw displayed when he visited the South Carolina state capitol last weekend.

Is there no closed season on efforts to destroy the wonderful God-given heritage that we in the South cherish? Mr. Gephardt is sucking up to those (voters) who enjoy bashing the South's rich and proud heritage and who would destroy it with untruths in order to promote their own.

If these heritage-haters want to erase history so badly, maybe they'd like to pull down the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, or perhaps our own American flag, as being past its usefulness and place in history.

Chuck Mac Donald, Harlem, Ga.


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