Originally created 01/26/03

Key developments concerning Iraq

Developments in the Iraq crisis Saturday:

- A senior Iraqi official said three Iraqi scientists had rejected a request by U.N. weapons inspectors to summit to private interviews to aid the U.N. search for signs of forbidden arms programs.

- A man carrying three knives and another holding a notebook and shouting "Save me!" separately tried to enter the U.N. inspectors' Baghdad compound. They were turned over to Iraqi authorities, and there was no explanation of who they were.

- At an international forum in Switzerland, Secretary of State Colin Powell warned other countries they cannot shrink from their responsibility to disarm Iraq, by force if necessary, just because "the going is getting tough."

- Speaking during a trip to India, Saadoun Hammadi, speaker of Iraq's parliament, said Iraqis will use "every method to inflict heavy damages on the enemy" if war breaks out.

- U.S. warplanes attacked an Iraqi military target inside the no-fly zone in southern Iraq. Bombs were dropped on anti-aircraft artillery near Tallil, 170 miles southeast of Baghdad, the U.S. Central Command said.

- People opposed to a war in Iraq staged several demonstrations across Germany, including one that blocked the road to a NATO base. Protesters also rallied in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, to express solidarity with Iraqis.


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