Originally created 01/25/03

Power of faith changes bleak prospects to sweet blessings

A few years ago, after much prayer, I knew God was calling me to the mission field of Haiti for a six-month service project.

The call was clear, but the path to answer it was frightening. In order to go, I had to quit the job at the Medical College of Georgia that I had held for five years. I sold my car that wasn't paid for and gave away most of my belongings. I didn't know what God's plans for my future were and wanted to be prepared for anything.

I experienced six months of nonstop amazing grace that changed me forever and brought me closer to God than ever before. I then found myself back in Augusta, with no home, car or way of paying for either. As I began my job search, I prayed to find one that would pay enough to live on and that I wouldn't be miserable at. I certainly put low expectations before God.

Within a week, I was offered two jobs in the same day. The first showed promise of advancement, but little pay and a stressful environment. I prayed and felt God was telling me to accept the other position of apartment manager that I knew little about. Going on faith, I said no to the first offer and then talked to my new employer about what my job entailed.

What should not have surprised me still did. My new job started at the exact same salary I had left off at six months before and for fewer hours per week. My health insurance was covered and I started with two weeks vacation per year. Best of all, my new boss was a Christian who loved to talk about the Lord! It was as if I had written out my ideal job plan and God said, "Sure, I can do that."

When I answered God's call to leave what I had behind, I thought I was sacrificing for him. I merely was casting my few crumbs upon the water and God sent me back a whole bakery!

Patricia Sanford is a member of Catholic Church of the Most Holy Trinity.


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