Originally created 01/25/03

No war unless proof positive of weapons

President George W. Bush is quite fortunate to have so much of the American public behind him regarding the war against terrorism, and we truly do need to protect ourselves against future terrorist acts, but it is very important that we do nothing to make our country and its people more of a target.

The Congress and president must not initiate a war in the Middle East without positive proof of weapons of mass destruction and a quick and decisive plan of action to eliminate them.

As a nation, we understand that terrorism will not just disappear and that it will be an ongoing battle, but we need to concentrate on protecting our homeland - not destroying that of others or wasting the lives of our children. Although we have been willing to lend our sons and daughters for quick, decisive action, such as that in Desert Storm, we are not willing to engage in another disaster like the war in Vietnam.

Before engaging our troops, the United States needs to have the backing of major countries such as France, Japan, Germany and Russia. Having a coalition of small countries, most of whose main interest is what they will gain from such action, is like having no coalition at all.

Right now, the American public stands almost 100 percent behind the war on terrorism. We expect our government and our president to use intellect, not emotion, when making major decisions, and that the decisions are made for peace and not for gain.

Deborah Brown, Aiken, S.C.


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