Originally created 01/25/03

Support decision to cancel tourney

Isn't it easy to question the validity of a decision after all the facts are known and an event has passed?

Marty Quesada Jr., in his Jan. 12 letter, "Tourney cancellation premature," was critical of Bill Harvey's decision to cancel a recent Superbass tournament on Thurmond Lake. As tournament director, Mr. Harvey had to review the information available at the time and make a decision. He did that.

The choice he made was not the easiest one to make. It would have been easier (and probably more popular) to have held the tournament in spite of the dangerous conditions.

We are all too familiar with the fact that rough water can be treacherous. Even the most experienced boater can get into trouble with the kind of weather that was predicted for the morning of the tournament. Beyond the damage to property that can occur under those conditions is the potential danger to the boater himself.

The decision Mr. Harvey made was the most prudent at the time. We applaud him for having the integrity to do what needed to be done.

David and Bonnie Annis, North Augusta, S.C.


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