Originally created 01/05/03

Home front

New year, new look

Once the Christmas tree, garland and colored lights have been tucked away for yet another yearlong nap, it's time to return your home to the way it looked before the holidays.

Or is it?

Why not try something new and different in the foyer, on the mantel or on your dining room tabletop?

Sprucing up after the holidays doesn't have to mean more shopping to buy new things. Rearranging, borrowing from another room or simply plucking greenery from your back yard can give you a fresh new look in those spaces left vacant once the Christmas decor is put to rest.

Here are some tips:

  • Spruce up the foyer with a mirror. Place a shelf below the mirror and finish it off with a tray for catching keys. Add an ornamental rug and a couple of chairs or bench for warmth and texture.
  • Paint the foyer a bold color to define it from other areas of the home. The hot colors this year are chocolate browns and mossy greens.
  • Place a pair of topiaries on either end of the mantel and an antique box in the middle. Or try candelabras on either end and a clock in the middle. Other popular accessories for creating a symmetrical design include urns filled with greenery or dried flowers or sculptured pieces on either end with a decorative box in the middle.
  • Make a statement on a tabletop with a new arrangement. Fill a bowl with live or faux greenery and decorative balls made of feathers, wrapped in moss or covered with textured fabric. Use candle holders or candelabras on either side.

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