Originally created 01/05/03

Director's pro-choice assertion is folly

It is generally pointless to debate choosing life or choosing abortion in letters to the editor. The issue quickly becomes emotional, as both sides are firmly entrenched.

Mary Beth Pierucci, director of Planned Parenthood, is entitled to her opinion on this matter, but her recent assertion that abortion is accepted by and practiced by Christians begs a response ("Some Christians are pro-choice," Dec. 29). Seldom does one read such fantasy in The Augusta Chronicle, except in the comics.

Ms. Pierucci claims that being Christian is not synonymous with opposing abortion, but she fails to mention that being Christian is indeed synonymous with following the teachings of Christ. Christ clearly condemned the persecution or killing of innocent people, especially those who kill in the name of "religion" (e.g., the Inquisition, al-Qaida). He taught unconditional love that seeks the best for every individual.

In contrast, any "Christian" who supports the taking of an innocent life knows little of Christianity and disgraces its founder. As Jesus sadly admitted, not everyone who claims to be Christian truly is.

Ms. Pierucci states that her organization works to "ensure the health and rights of all people." To them, obviously, an unborn child is not a person. She also maintains that all Americans can embrace abortion in a "spirit of freedom and thanks."

I was taught that one of the basic tenets of our freedom as Americans is that each of us has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Ms. Pierucci's organization denies these inalienable rights to thousands of unborn children each year.

There is very little to embrace or celebrate here.

As Americans, we are all "pro-choice" in that we take great pride in our freedom to make our own decisions and live our own lives, but this freedom of personal choice should not be allowed to supersede another's most basic of all rights - the right to exist.

Richard White, Evans, Ga.


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