Originally created 01/05/03

Tripp: unglorified whistle-blower

I cannot help but agree with your Dec. 27 editorial, "Doing the right thing," concerning Time magazine's "Persons of the Year." The choice was at least more appropriate this year than in the past.

Even though like many others, I have had to put off my retirement past age 65 - thanks partly to two of these ladies' actions. Indeed they did demonstrate great bravery in extremely difficult situations, and should receive high praise. What they did, at their own sacrifice, should help us all in the long term.

In reading your editorial about the great personal risk to these whistle-blowers, I could not help but remember another female whistle-blower of recent years who lost her job, her reputation and was financially ruined - and continues to be ridiculed to this day.

Where was Time, and the "holier than thou" members of the Fourth Estate - Martha Burk's buddies and others who purport to stand up for truth and justice - when Linda Tripp blew the whistle on immorality and corruption at the highest level, and tried to protect her own civil rights?

Hooray for Time! "You've come a long way baby."

Barnwell Baker, Augusta

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