Originally created 01/04/03

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

TO ALL YOU silly people who paid the self-imposed tax, aka Powerball, maybe you should hold on to your money and save it. Why give your money to the government?

I THINK THEY should stop making cigarettes, drugs and anything alcoholic to drink.

A WORD FROM the wise. Nonsmokers outnumber smokers. Therefore, they have the voting power to do away with smoking in public places. Smokers, you need to lay low and let it go.

SHAME ON THE Republican Party for destroying Trent Lott.

IN RESPONSE TO the "Across South Carolina" section in Metro where the garbage worker was run over by a truck. They should think about putting the motion-sensing braking system on the garbage trucks. This could save a lot of lives.

THIS IS TO THE RANTER about the Augusta Christmas parade. If you thought it was so terrible, you didn't have to go. You could have stayed in the house and watched it on TV.

THIS IS FOR the person who said nonsmokers should stay home and not go out to eat. I think it should be the other way around, because people who smoke smell like smoke, and it kills the taste of food and your appetite. Also, most smokers spend $3 on cigarettes and then don't have money to leave a tip.

I CALLED TO RAVE about prayer. It is so illuminating. It is what we need for our country and our world and things untold. God is listening and sees all things and knows all. So all Americans, don't forget to pray.

SO THE SO-CALLED Rev. Jesse Jackson wants ... negative publicity against the Augusta National. Well, I think he is doing this for his own good, his own desire to be in the spotlight. I think we should protest him for wasting our time and his.

BRAVO TO THE postal employees who sacrificed time with their families to deliver packages on Christmas. Their attitudes restore people's faith in Augusta.

MUHAMMAD ALI WAS a coward hiding behind his so-called religion. I saw my son and husband go to war willingly and risk their lives to fight for the country they loved. We are proud of them. They are the real heroes, who make this a safe, proud nation for people like him.


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