Originally created 01/04/03

Ado about Lott remark too much

I read the Dec. 19 opinions regarding the "Lott statement" and felt, as American adults, we were really becoming ridiculous people. Monitoring every little word another human says is outright ridiculous.

I thought, OK, some people just don't have enough important things to talk about that they need something to gossip or complain about. I'll just put this subject aside and go on to the important issues in the paper. Then I saw where another senator was calling for a leadership change all because of a comment at a party!

Do our senators have nothing more important to do than worry about a conversation at a party? Who doesn't joke and cut up at fun functions? Ple-e-ease!

If this particular senator or, for that matter, anyone else - regardless of position - wants "some changes in leadership," let's go after the ones who really do something negative.

Our former President Bill Clinton committed the lowest moral sin of all and we, as Americans, patted him on the hand. We have a reverend, Jesse Jackson, who has a child with his mistress ...

Come on, citizens. Where is our priority on these matters? How can any official waste Americans' time with nonsensical claims?

I did not read any racism in Mr. Lott's comment; however someone else may have. Regardless, we, as Americans, have the right to free speech. I don't know whether he is a racist or not. I am against racism and would not support any of it.

We need to pick our fights with much more care than just attacking everyone and everything for nothing more than their personal opinions.

A person shouldn't be removed from his position over something as trivial as this, when we wouldn't remove our highest official for bringing moral decay inside our nation's capital, not to mention lying under oath...

As Americans, let's get real here.

Teresa Glackin Callahan, Harlem, Ga.


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