Originally created 01/04/03

Letter writer needs history lesson

This is regarding the letter by Harry Sellers, "Creation of Israel was a mistake," on Dec. 4. Mr. Sellers is in need of a history lesson on the creation of Israel.

Over 2,000 years ago, God called Abraham out of the city of Mesopotamia. God told Abraham that he (God) would make a great nation out of him and his family. God also told Abraham to look at the land that was there as far as his eyes could see. And this would be all his as a birthright. This land was more than Israel has today and was sealed by God.

In the time of King David's rule over Israel, David conquered over 60,000 square miles of land from the River of Egypt (Nile) to the Euphrates River in modern-day Israel. God allowed David to do this because David was God's tool to destroy the nations surrounding Israel.

So you see, Israel today should control over 60,000 square miles of land, but they don't. The British held this land from 1923-1948 to the establishment of the nation of Israel by the United Nations... This country has been blessed by God because of its support of Israel and because of God-fearing Christians.

God also told Abraham that he would bless them that bless Israel, and curse them that curse Israel. Germany, in World War II, tried to destroy the Jews and paid a heavy price for it.

Mr. Sellers needs to brush up on the history of Israel.

Woodrow Short, Aiken, S.C.


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